Saturday, May 20, 2017

Treat Israel from a Biblical View

I am critical to how many christians view the nation of
Israel, the way they speak-out on Israel or stay silent when
they ought to speak. Are they really in love with God and
with Christ? Are they born-again? Fair questions.

If they would view Israel in line with the teaching in the
Bible, they would be much more causious.

When you read the Bible it is obvious how much God loves
the Jewish people and Jerusalem. He has big plans, in
which the people and the city are forever connected. We are
right in the midst of a powerful restoration of the people
and of the land - for those who want to see it. There are
even heathens that see it.. "but who is as blind as my
servant..", God says in the scriptures.

Many refer to that Israel had its place in the history, admit-
ting their own religious roots (how could a christian deny
Jesus being a Jew), but saying that it had its time, but
no longer.

That is called replacement theology, that the church has
now taken Israels place and is the true Israel. But then they
have not read their Bible, and they have allowed the
serpent venom to mix into their theology.

You cannot read the New Testament "head-document",
The Book of Romans (by Paul), and remain with such a
replacement doctrine. Paul himself says he wished he was
condemned if that could help his brethren the Jews.

He had such a compassion for his people. He also said that
we must "wake up a jealousness " in the Jewish soul. That
they would start to sense we have found their Messiah.
We need to love the Jewish people.

The Old Testament (Thanakh) is full of Gods love for Israel
and Jerusalem, and his promises are described as being
eternal. Jesus is still a Jew. The NT tells that he is coming
back to reign from - Jerusalem, his capital city. No wonder
the devil hates the teaching that christians are to back up
the restoration of the nation and people of Israel.

Christians are called to be an Esther - the Kings bride, and
to plead before the King for the Jewish people, our origin.
Not just praising in the Kings castle, glad for ourselves.
Read the book of Esther. Besides the historical story, it´s
the most important prophetic scripture on the church´s call
for standing with the Jewish people. It vibrates of prophetic

In the book of Ruth, when Noomi´s husband and sons had
died in foreign land, Ruth told her sons wifes Ruth and Orpa
that they should stay in their country while she were to
return back to Israel after the end of the famine. Noomi was
in a sad mode, she thought everything was just over, she
wanted the girls to find new men and become happy.

Orpa thought a lot back and forward, finally she decided to
stay in her homeland. But Ruth stated; where you go, I will
go. I will not let go of you Noomi, don´t try to convince me.
She followed Noomi back to her homeland.

Thanks to this, Ruth found a relative to Noomi, Boas, who
she could marry and bring life to Noomis sons name. By
this the heritage-line could stay unbroken. A few generations
later, King David was born, and from him Jesus Christ later
derived. Just imagine if not Ruth had had her heart for

Ruth is our example. We should follow the Jews to their
homeland. The famine is over. The past is a sad story,
just like for Noomi. But something tremendous is in front.

Do you want to be an Orpa or a Ruth? Do you want to stay
with Noomi, in understanding of that you are sharing a
fate destiny together? Do you want to be one that helps
bring restoration to Israel and Jerusalem - in prepareness
so that "King David" can arrive there in a near future?

Ask God, on your knees, about Israel, Jerusalem, the

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