Friday, May 12, 2017

Statistics from my blog

This is the number of side-views I am rolling on weekly atm.
Maybe not so impressing, but at least some people find their
way and find something of interest.

It is a bit up and down. But sometimes it is like people are
sharing their findings with each other, and then I can suddenly
have quite some hits, like this. I have a technique to let my
blogposts be seen in the flow.

Below is the number of side-views so far on May 11th. The so
far total for May is 12.540. And since start a couple of years
ago, 282.295 hits.

One "scary" hit-figure I got, was when I were to post a blog
about a world leader I could very well think of being a coming
Antichrist figure.

I thought so much back and forward if I should really post the
blog; what should my friends think of me. This Lovely leader!

Eventually I anyhow posted it. The day after I almost got the
coffee stuck in my trouth when I saw the number of hits on my
blog that day: 666. I have never had that number again, not
before, not after..  Not saying it necessarily must be a sign from
above, maybe just an amazing coincidence..

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