Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The most dangerous place

If the unborn child is a unique human being
from the conception (it is), then the most
dangerous place to be at on the earth today
is the mothers womb.

In Sweden more than 30.000 unborn are
aborted every year.

In the US more than 1.000.000 unborn are
aborted every year.

Two countries which many people refer to
as being Christian nations.

An unborn child has its own unique DNA,
its own heart beating, its own blood-system.
The unborn child is not more a part of the
womans body than the woman is part of the
childs body.

What happens in the womb is that the baby
is protected and feeded by the mother, but
that continues also after the birth.

Parents, don´t kill your Child.

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