Sunday, May 7, 2017

The good, the best´s worst enemy?

To be able to hear God´s prophetic voice, your thinking
needs to come in line with the Word of God in the Bible....
But - the biggest hinderance to hear God´s word, can
actually be your until today knowledge of God.

How come? God always wants his people to proceed, to
take new steps. Not at all in panic, but in steps and to go
trough new bigger portals.

But if we trust too much in what we have learned about
God until now, we may be found resisting what he has
for the future.

God will not speak against the word which has built us
up to where we are as per today. But - as we never get
to an end of learning, there will always be a mix in our
current understanding; a mix of God´s revelation and
man´s thoughts. So for each new step, there may be
a struggle between voices inside, or a hesitation; is this
really God speaking, does this new come from him?

This mix can be a dangerous hinderance for the people
of God, the Army of God, to proceed. We need to meek
ourselves on our knees and ask God when we see new
things and we don´t understand them.

Otherwise the risk is that we backtalk the new or the
prophetic, and we keep to "what is safe and well-known".
The thing is that the safe will then work for a while, but
the spiritual life may eventually turn more and more
barren, instead of being a land of milk and honey..

This phenomena can affect a congregation, so that
there are only room for the pastors calling and maybe
the teachers But the apostle, the evangelist or not the
least the higher prophetic call - find no place, and are
not encouraged among the youth rising with such a call.

If the congregation get stuck in a theological question
and the teaching ministry is lacking, it may mostly be the
pastor that gets the last word.

One example: the prophetic view on Israel and the
church´s Esther call may be silenced - "as there are so
many different opinions in the church, let´s just be
friends, and stand quiet where we disagree". Or the
unbiblical view will reign, like in the Swedish (former)
state church, where it is no longer necessary to receive
Christ as savior.

The hinderance for the church´s development can often
be related to the ideology in the region or in the country.
For example Sweden is more affected by socialism than
we understand. Therefore the church easily gets involved
in charity (which is a good thing), but lack a prophetic
understanding in sometimes very important areas.

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