Saturday, June 2, 2018

Who created the nations?

God is not against nations and borders and
border security. When all the people tried to
unite without him (The book of Genesis in
the OT), and started to build the Tower of
Babel - that is actually when God created

He spread people out, to build nations - and
he let each people have its own language. It
is God´s enemy satan who wants to take away
nationality and borders and different people´s
uniqueness. It is him that wants us to feel
ashame for what has been built up of sound
culture during generations in our country.

When a "Judge" called Samson (in the Book
of Judges in the OT) revealed that it was his
long hair that was the secret to his supernat-
ional power - the enemy cut his hair and
Samson lost his power and they stuck out his
eyes so that he became blind.

This was a real happening, but is now a
picture that warns us not to lay down unique-
ness, our personality, or our nationality, be-
cause of pressure, but be proud of it in a
sound way. Don´t let anyone "stick out your

When God started to work out his salvation
plan, he let himself find a faithful man, Abra-
ham, and he created a people out of him and
gave this people a geographical landarea. Out
of this people came the Jew Jesus of Nazareth,
who became the Savior of the world. The real
God´s call for the Jewish nation.

Jesus is still a Jew (!) and he will once reign
from his own capital City, Jerusalem - says
the Bible. Jerusalem will at that time be the
mid-point of the earth and the nations, says
the Bible.

In await of the return ofh Jesus the Messiah,
Israel is today the nation by which God teach
the world. Israel is the best example today,
of a nation who protects its borders, its
origin, its uniqueness, yet the nations is a
wonderful mixture of people and nationalities.

Each country and people has a special calling
from God. God has not forgotten one single
people. The Bible /Jesus urges us as believ-
ers to "make disciples of Nations". When
nations comes into discipleship, they find
their unique calling.

The bible says that "we are nor Jew nor
Greek, nor man, nor woman.. but we are all
one in Christ". Does that then really mean that
we shall skip nationality - is that the correct

If so - shall we skip gender as well - as the
bible also told "nor man, nor woman..? No,
gender is still valid. We shall keep what God
created, as the Bible says "God saw that it
was good".

But, there is a high calling in Christ for unity,
where nationality should not divide, but should
enrich in Christ. It must be a mix of protection
of good and integrity - and openess.

We can read in the Bible that at one occasion
the Heaven was revealed to St. John - so that
he could see people of all nations before the
throne of God, everyone praising God in his
own "tounge".

We can read in the Bible prophesies that when
Jesus Christ has come back to rule in Jerusalem,
for 1000 years (will happen soon..), the Nations
of the earth shall go up to Jerusalem every year,
to celebrate the King of Kings.

So, Nations and nationality is regarded import-
ant to God, HE invented it. A nation is an entity,
just like the family is the smallest entity, in
which God wants to make a work and a testi-

An entity should be protected and cared for and
fostered, an important responsiblity. God wants
to foster nations, and demands that what he
brings forth in a nation is valued and protected.

The christian church sees no borders, and should
not, except between the Kingdom of God and the
kingdom of darkness. As christians some are
swedes, some are danes etc. But our deepest
indentity is that we are children of the God and
Father of Jesus Christ.

Björn Hellman

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