Thursday, June 7, 2018


Salvation from God is reveived by

Ephesians 2:8-9
"For it is by Grace you have been
saved, through faith.. it is the gift
of God - not by works so that
noone can boast."

The word Grace can be derived from
the greek bible and the word "grazia"
which means "for free".

When we think of something that we
would get for free, we think that it
must be something cheap, or that the
one offering "the gift", wants to earn
something on us, that there is some
hidden terms connected to the gift.

But then we think of the giver as a
sales-person. We don´t trust the
giver´s motives.

God offers us salvation as a true gift.
That is because we can´t do anything
to earn it. As soon as we try to, we tell
God we want to get payment for what
we have worked, and the bible tells us
that the wage of or own incomplete
works, is eternal death.

Gospel of John 3:16
"God so loved the world, that he gave
his only Son, that whoever believes in
him (the Son) shall not perish but have
Eternal Life

God´s gift is not a cheap gift. It costed
him the life of his only Son, and there-
fore must have been absolutely necce-
sary, why should he otherwise do it for
all of us? And, the only motive for such
a gift must have been deep Love for us.

Noone offer his own son for someone
else, if he doesn´t love the other
person as much as the offered own son.

If we do not accept God´s free gift,
there is no salvation left for us, and we
will get lost for eternity.

So, there we have it, there was some-
thing hidden to the gift ? That is the
wrong way to look at it. God prepared
the gift out of pure love for us, because
we had all sinned and were already on
our way to eternal damnation.

For someone in life-imprisonment
a gift of grace can never be considered
as something cheap. For someone that
has made it well in life, by own hands,
the grace of God may be something
tempting to joke about.

But - before we come to Christ, we are
all sentenced to eternal life-imprison-
ment. No matter status in this life.

Jesus died a horrible death on the
cross, for our sin. God will honor
those that are meek at heart and
realize the need of his salvation, his
forgiveness of sin - in midst of their
failure or success in life.

God is the ruler of the universe, and
his grace is abundant. When we accept
his grace, his free gift, we do not honor
God by living in a powerness thinking.
The bible says that;

The book of Romans 10:12
"God has riches to give to everybody
that calls upon him".

If I was the owner of a company, and
had invited my staff to join "Christmas
table" and I had paid for it all. Then I
would not honor those who were meek
and only ate sparsely, as I have already
paid for them to eat abundantly.

God wants our own cup to be full, so
that it even runs over to others in need.
So they understand who God is and
restore the relation with him;

Psalms 23:5
You prepare a table for me in the
presence of my enemies, You anoint
my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Ask Jesus into your heart today, to
become your Saviour.

Thank him for hanging on that cross
in your place. Confess him as your
Lord from today.

And follow him with your life from
today in the way he leads you. He
will not follow you, but you are to
follow him and his Word. 

You will NEVER regret that you 
gave your life to Him.

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