Sunday, January 8, 2017

John McAfee on Russia Hacking..

Spread the Word and pray, help Obama get
humiliated down to the ground - once and for all
and for his own good;

The legend in cyber space security, expert John
McAfee reveals why it cannot be Russia that
has hacked Hillary Clintons and John Podestas
email servers.

Clintons and Podestas unresponsible use of
private servers revealed a lot of corruption through
Wikileaks and in my opinion this finally sank
Hillary to the bottom. She defeated herself in the
American elections.

Johns McAfees opinion is that the hacking
allegations against Russia are childish and
ridicoulus! And the aim must be only be to mislead
the American people, miscredit the President elect
Mr Donald Trump, and also to cause hostility
between the US and Russia.

Do not miss listening to these RT and Larry King
interviews with John McAfee;

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