Thursday, January 12, 2017

700K of Arabs left by free will

This is breaking news and strong! At least for me.

I mean, I always knew it was true that the Arabs
were not forced out of the land in 1948 when the
Jews accepted the UN plan of Dividing the so
called Palestine Mandate.

But here we get it directly from an old Arabic man
through an interview.

Arabs have always claimed that 700K arabs were
forced out of the land by the Jews. Jews have
claimed that the arabs all left freely; they got a
message from Jordan to leave for only a few hours,
then when the Arab nations had destroyed the Jews,
the Arabs could return again.

The Jewish version is now found to be true.

At the time of this event, about the same amount of
Jews (700K) were forced out of the Arabic countries.

They had to leave their living and everything they
owned, and never got any compensation.

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