Tuesday, April 24, 2018

God´s standard

If it was ok in God´s view to kill
babies in the mother´s womb; then
Mary had all the human right in the
world to abort God´s Son - Jesus the

If it is ok and even something fine -
to be encouraged - with pre-marriage
sex as well as all kinds of strange
sexual relations;

Why did we not see Jesus then, the
Son of God, walk in forefront for such
rights; showing that sex is something
we must live out, and being a good
example, in practice, himself?

If up to the nations of the world to
decide the status of Jerusalem, why
"on earth" did God in his Word again
and again and again and again pro-
claim that Jerusalem belongs to him
and was given by him to his special
chosen people, Israel?

These three questions touches main
areas where humanity (incl.part of
the christian church) today is on
collision course with God. And there
will be a clash.

God today calls individuals and
nations to repentance - as we are
approaching the last days of the
current time-age; "the time of grace"
is soon coming to its end.

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