Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Follow my public Facebook blog

I am being hindered in many ways, both
my blog on Blogger and my Facebook
blog. I feel I am restricted so that not
all of my posts can reach every potent-
ial reader / follower.

At the moment it is absolutely obvious
when it comes to my Blogger account;
Normally most hits are from Sweden,
and that is natural. But now I get no
hits from Sweden at all, the country
from where I am and write from.

Following the below link, you can
follow my public Facebook account,
where I write on or post subjects which
are related to christian faith and free-
dom of speech and expression.

There are a war on freedom of speech
and expression today, and the large
social media companies seem to co-
operate with governments, public
service companies and established
media to limit these freedoms, very


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