Wednesday, April 11, 2018

God may want what you want

Pauls letter to the Filippians 2:13
"..for it is God who works in you to
will and to act in order to fulfill his
good purpose.

The above bibletext gives at hand
that God our Father, when we search
him and humble before him, is
affecting our will, so that what we
desire comes more and more in line
with what he desires and have plan-
ned for our lives.

It is actually every christian´s call
to seek God´s Kingdom first in our

The gospel of Matthew 6:31-33
" not worry, saying, ‘What shall
we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’
or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the
pagans run after all these things,
and your heavenly Father knows
that you need them.  

But seek first his kingdom and his
righteousness, and all these things
will be given to you as well.

When we search our Fathers will
in first hand - then we will also get
"all these things" which we desired
to begin with. But now we no longer
worry about not getting those things;

Because when we seek God first,
then we follow the rules, and faith
is then natural as we can have peace
and a good conscience before God.

Let us read a passage about king
Solomon (the son of king David),
he is said to have been the most wise
person that ever lived on earth (be-
fore Christ).

Let us see how he could become so
wise - and at the same time so
wealthy and prosperous:

2 Chronicles 1:7-12
That night God appeared to Solomon
and said to him, “Ask for whatever
you want me to give you.”

Solomon answered God, “You have
shown great kindness to David my
father and have made me king in his

Now, Lord God, let your promise
to my father David be confirmed,
for you have made me king over a
people who are as numerous as the
dust of the earth. 

Give me wisdom and knowledge,
that I may lead this people, for who
is able to govern this great people
of yours?”

God said to Solomon, “Since this
is your heart’s desire and you have
not asked for wealth, possessions
or honor, nor for the death of your
enemies, and since you have not
asked for a long life but for wisdom
and knowledge to govern my people
over whom I have made you king;

Therefore, wisdom and knowledge
will be given you. And I will also 
give you wealth, possessions and
honor, such as no king who was be-
fore you ever had and none after
you will have.”

This is a very strong hint about
that God does not refuse us good
things, as long as our heart is
humble and we direct our lives
to his will.

God created abundance. Look at
the wild nature, the sea etc. He
did not create lack. As christians
I think God wants us to fit in in
the society without extreme - but
he for sure wants us to be blessed,
and that it can be seen by others.

And - some may even be called to
become rich for God´s Kingdom´s
sake; as it costs money to spread
the gospel of Jesus and some will
be called to be special providers,
through their wealth.


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