Sunday, April 22, 2018

Facebook censoring

At the moment Facebook is censoring
my use of my account. They limit the
exposure of my writings, it is very easy
for me to realize.

I don´t know exactly why they do this,
they have not contacted me with any

But - it is obvious when I write about
FB:s own abuses against other users
- then it most often hits me right after.

And it is the same when I write on "not
political correct issues", still just sharing
my own views - straight but polite.

I think there may be single administrat-
ors at Facebook that, based on their
own personal lifeviews, misuse their
positions to unfavour certain FB users.

This is a rough misuse, and absolutely
against what Mark Zuckerberg witnessed
of before the US congress the other

By doing these things, persons within
FB shows that Zuckerbergs testimony
is not valid.

I will post this message in many ways
now to highligt the problem, and the
hope with this is a cleansing within FB.

As FB themselvers keep track of every
keyboard push we do on their media,
even on personal messages and even
when we later erase them, I would guess
it is possible to also track what happens
internally at FB and by which persons.

/Björn Hellman

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