Saturday, December 24, 2016

Alert: Security Council Dec 23 vote

On December 23 the UN Security Council voted for
a division of Jerusalem. Everything has been quite
around this, no newspaper alerts etc. But I knew this
was cooking.

For the first time in history the US did not use their
Veto right on a hostile resolution against Israel.

The architect behind the non-veto is the muslim US
President Barak Obama - still in charge for another
25 Days.

Obama is rageful against Americas Evangelical
Christians as they refused to vote for a continuation
of his Globalism politic.

Like many politicians, he also wanted to put his
footprints on history - this was his golden
opportunity to support the Muslim Community only
days before he leaves office.

UN Homesite:

Prophet Kevin Mirasi:

Egypt had first raised the question in the UN. But
after talks with Donald Trump and Benyamin
Netanyahu, they put down their request.

Then, instead, New Zealand decided to raise the
same request, together with a few other countries.
By this the question came up in the Council, and
a voting took place.

This is very serious for the US. And it is also very
serious for New Zealand, which has had a hostile
attitude against Israel even before this.

I think we can expect serious judgements from God
over the Nations that gave contribution to that this
resolution could be acknowledged.

Many strong prophetic varnings has since before
been spoken out regarding the US, and even NZ
and other countries, regarding abortion, redefinition
of marriage - and ultimately on going against Israel.

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