Friday, November 25, 2016

Who is Barak Obama..?

What shall we Believe in? Shall we just refuse all
voices that tell us uncomfortable things?

Can a World leader be questioned? I Think that if
Obama can light up the White House in the colors
of the Rainbow to celebrate sexual immorality.

And he can say that America is no longer a Christian
Nation, though minimum 45% of the population
are Evangelicals and Catholics, larger than any other
group or religion.

And he can force through a transgender bill which
now requires each public women restroom to have
a urinal.

Then it is fair to scratch the Surface and look into
who this guy really can be.

There are many witnesses revealing about Obamas
lifestyle from before his political career took off.

An Obama Ex boyfriend speaks out about
their relation and drugs;

Another Youtube reportage;

There are a lot of rumors about Obama not being
a native American, a main qualification for an
American President. Birth certificates and family
Pictures leaves a lot to explain.

Regarding birth certificate:

Breaking: Now proved the Obama birth certificate
is false, faked. Do not miss this:

Obamas birth certificate from Kenya. Obamas
grandmother confirming he was born there, and she
was present:

Even Michelle Obamas background is highly
questioned (listen at minute 34f):

Regarding family photoshopping:

About Obama kids adopted;

Is Michelle actually Michael;

President Obama calls Michelle.. Michael, by mistake;

Joan Rivers comments on Barak and Michelle;

Obama sometimes a Christian, sometimes a muslim,
embarrasing enough..;

"America no longer a Christian Nation", mocking
the Bible;

Obama obviously a muslim and promoting islam
if you add together all his comments in the matter:

White house light up in Rainbow colors;

These are just a few clips in a sea om many in these

Obama Muslim brotherhood in the White House,
they have even helped write speaches. Obama also
supported the division of Jerusalem, cheating the
American people during Christmas.

I leave it open for everyone to make your own
opinion. There are indeed a lot of grave indications,
which cannot just be swept under the carpet - when
it comes to such a public person as a President
of the Worlds leading democracy, the USA.

Kenya recognize Obama as Kenyan born.

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