Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time for Americas Jews ?

The American 2016 election day was for some
reason delayed one week.

By this, it coinsides in time with some significant
events related to Jews;
-Israel National Aliyah Day
-The Reading of the weekly Torah portion on
  Abraham leaving his homeland for Israel

Donald Trump´s message is that he wants good
relations with Israel and Netanyahu, and he
says the US will acknowledge Jerusalem as the
Capital City of Israel. The Sanhedrin in their
turn has already asked Trump for help to rebuild
the Temple in Jerusalem.

Can these be signs that the time has come for
Americas Jews to, with a good feeling, return to
their ancient homeland? It is still a minority of
Jews that are currently living in Israel, and of
Jews in the Diaspora most lives in the US.

The Scriptures tells us that God will send
fishermen, and hunters, to fulfill his plan to bring
all Jews back to Israel. We will see if it will
happen now, and in that specific order, regarding
the American Jews.

There is still a possibility that what others have
prophecied Martial Law will be implemented
before Obama leaves office in January and by
that he could stay in charge for an unknown time.
That could also start an aliyah process among
Jews but then more from a "hunt perspective".

Listen to this clip from The Jim Bakker Show
and here their view. We prophecy in part. Some-
times prophecys are absolutely incorrect. Some-
times different prophecys seem to contradict - but
parts of them can actually have been misunder-
stood by the ones receiving them (or Reading
them), while parts of them are still correct or
correctly understood.

Martial Law in the US could be implemented, also
under a good guy (Obama is not a good guy).


Here is more on the named Mark Taylor prophecy,
regarding a Donald Trump presidency:

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