Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Google interfered in Sweden elections

Google is steering all my Blogger
blogposts against a new geograp-
hical area which they call "un-
known region".

I would think it is some kind of
"pocket" which gathers all my
hard work keeping it from poten-
tial readers.

Google probably earn tax money
by banning of christian faith and
conservative views.

When I share my posts it is only
the unknown region that "get hits"
and grows heavily.

The proof that it is a fake region
is; today I shared a lot of posts -
but only through Twitter - just to

Then the unknown region did not
grow by one (1) hit! But, Sweden
and US grew heavily, they used
to stand absolutely still the last
weeks when I was sharing on G+
or openly on internet.

This is the proof about the un-
rightious and illegal agenda that
Google, and Facebook, has these

Google actually by cause inter-
fered in our Swedish elections
which were held on Sep 9.

/Björn Hellman

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