Saturday, May 5, 2018

Open your eyes - Look at the fields

God always starts with the christian church,
and the bible clearly teach us that Gods´
judgement starts with the church.

When the church truly turns back to God,
then we have "revival". Revival is when
someone that used to be alive, is revived.
The world outside was and is dead - can
not be revived..

In Apg 12, God told the disciple Pether,
who was a jew, to go to the town of Cesarea,
because there was a Roman soldier there
who God wanted to reach with the gospel.
Jews did not have any relations with
Romans or any other heathens.

Before Pether arrived, God through a super-
national vision dealth with Pethers "dead
religiosity". God had to work hard, finally
Pether understood things by which he 
would not be a hinderance for the heathen
Cornelius to receive the gospel of Jesus.

Cornelius already had a deep longing for
God, he had already "turned around 180"
and just needed someone who presented
the gospel for him; and he would grab it by

When we allow God to deal with us "in the
church" - that the Church are being built by
following God´s instructions and so that we
can present the true Jesus - we may find that
the world is actually already prepared to
receive him as their savior. God only had to
wait on us insiders to become ready..

The book of Haggai 1:2-3
"These people say, ´the time has not yet
come to rebuild the Lord´s house`.."
"Is it a time for yourselves to be living in
paneled house, while this house (Gods´)
remains a ruin?"

Gospel of St John 4:35
"You say it is still 4 months until harvest.
I tell you, open your Eyes and look at the
fields! They are ripe for harvest."

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