Sunday, June 18, 2017

The foot in the Door

There were actually a number of prophecies
that talked about Donald Trump´s presidency
before - sometimes long before - the US elections
in November 2016. Just a few examples;

Kim Clement prophesied already in 2007  - even
before Obama came into office - that "Trump will
become a Trumpet" and that he would clean up
in the establishment in Washington;

Sadhu Selvaraj was in August 2016 caught up
into heaven, where he saw Donald Trump coming
before a heavenly council. Sadhu was very sur-
prised, but he was told that Trump was chosen by
God to be the next president of the US;

The republicans had 17 different nominees to
choose between, all others except Trump were
"fine christians". Trump was the only one that
(openly) now and then used bad words in de-
bates. God had chosen Donald Trump.

Many people are convinced it is not from God
because Trump is not a good christian in their
moral view. But - a standard christian is normally
so afraid of God and lack the boldness and power
to stand in the way of such floods of evil that
Trump is actually experiencing.

At least in three cases of all prophesies that I
have taken part of there has been a section about
"a foot in the door in the very last minute". I
think that is very interesting.

This morning I heard Newt Gingrich, former
speaker of the House in the US Congress, say
exactly what I think it was all about, which I
will now try to put out;

Not many people understand all evilness that
Barack Obama stand for, and which he tried to
implement in US politics. Obama wanted to make
America weak, to bow under international bodies
and conventions, mainly the UN. In many ways
Obama succeded to bring America far to the left,
far from God´s Word.

The further plan when Obama after eight years
was no longer electable - was to bring in a
successor that safely would continue his legacy.
A female democrate president candidate, first
female ever, would give strong advantage in the
elections, just likewith the first colored president

A Hillary win in the elections would probably
have brought America beyond rescue. America
is a nation created by God, to be a safe haven for
persecuted, to stand up for the christian faith and
values - and most important of all, for Israel.

The struggle we see today in the US, actually an
unhidden spiritual war, reveals the outrage from
the demonic world, through the leftists value
system; They have bought into the idea of a
followsome (weak) America, in order that the
the globalist agenda can be driven through, with
a New world order and an Antichrist kingdom.

This was what Gingrich expressed today in a
political news comment, though he did not
mention the spiritual side of it. Donald Trumps
win in the election was "the foot in the door in
the very last minute".

There has been other prophetic words spoken
about the future of America. They are not ne-
cessarily wrong / not from God, but may rather
have their time, or have actually been delayed.
I think we shall consider the Trump era, as long
as it will continue, as a grace time from God -
which we need to appreciate /take well care of.

During the time period when the prophets Isaiah
and Jeremiah warned Israel for the wickedness
of the people and therefore a coming time of de-
portation, suddenly a time of light broke in
through a rightious king namned Josiah. This
was a clear case of a delay of judgment ( and
not a delete of earlier prophesies).

Eventually the Antichrist kingdom will emerge,
the bible speaks clearly about it. America, and
the world, was in the weighbowl, but God had
decided he wanted something more before
darker times will be allowed to weigh in.

I believe in a mighty revival being spread as an
outcome of a won of the spiritual war in the US,
also a very special time of support for Israel.

Let us take care of the time that God are about
to bring in. Let us not wait with preparation. Let
us pray for America and President Trump and
his administration, as all hell is against his
administration at the time.

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